The best weapons and armour in Fiara come from the dark slopes of the Grimwarg Peaks and the snow-covered summits of the Windwall Mountains, items that are highly valued and traded among the races of the light. These amazing wares are forged by the smiths of the dwarves, a race small in height, but of amazing strength and unshakeable courage. Like the elves, the dwarves are an ancient race that survived the reign of the dragons hidden deep in the labyrinth of caverns under the Windwall Mountains. While the giant lizards ruled the air, the dwarves drove the mines and shafts of their stony home deeper and deeper in the rock. There, they found discovered their destiny to work with rock and ore, bonding with the spirits of the earth and the god whose realm is the rock foundation of the world. They became the servants of Bjarne, the Soulsmith and Warrior God, who deep under the surface forges the souls of all living creatures until they become strong and solid. And so it came that the dwarves also became a strong race, a race of builders and blacksmiths, but also of warriors and heroes.

Courage and strength are the pillars of their life, and despite being known for a certain greed for gold and other jewelry, they are the only values they truly recognize. And though they may often seem reserved and condescending, they are always ready to help a true friend in need of their aide. Today the dwarves not only live in the dark shafts under the peaks of Grimwarg, but have created imposing cities of stone where they trade with the other races of the light. These are Fastholme, which stands under the old mines at the foot of the Grimwarg Mountains, and Windholme, which is an imposing sight in front of the snow-covered peaks of the Windwall, where it provides cover from the southern storms. There, the hammers of the master smiths ring constantly and merchants loaded with the most valuable of steel and silver travel to all regions of Fiara. And when it comes to war, the closed ranks of dwarf warriors will march from there with their indestructible armour and feared axes, always ready to support their brothers of the light.

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