The elves, the oldest and noblest of all races, come from the forests of southern Fiara. The magnificent trees of the Finon Mir provided protection against the powerful dragons, allowing these children of nature to prosper and live in relative peace under the roof of leaves. Elves grow tall, yet are of delicate stature, and their lifespan is much longer than that of other races. What they may lack in physical strength is more than compensated by their bravery and wisdom.''
For as long as they can remember, the elves lives peacefully in their forests, but with the demise of the dragons came humans, and with them trade and war. In the end, the elves were forced to either fight or perish – and fight they did, earning themselves a reputation as feared warriors, better as friends than as foes. Today, the elves have allied with humans and dwarves in order to face the menace of the dark races. None can match their prowess with the longbow, and they have learned to use the magic of nature and ice. The mages of the Circle knew of the elvish talent for magic and their use in battle, and created many runes to make use of their skills. 

Since the wars against the dark races and the time of the Circle, the elves have been living in clans strewn all across Fiara. Few survived the Convocation, however, so it is rare to meet one of these noble creatures in the northern lands. 

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